Our Students are Awesome

We do our best to provide all of our students with the best language learning experience possible. Although learning English is a long process; through constant speaking practice, detailed feedback and a personalized approach to learning, we get the best results for our students.

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" I think in Buzz school I found people with whom we're on the same wavelength. That's very pleasant feeling. I'm thankful for their ethusiasm, sincerity, patience, and knowledge. It helps me a great deal to improve my English skills. I've got lack of free time, that's a real problem to me, but using the Buzz platform I can complete my tasks anytime, anywhere, which stimulates me not to give up."
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"Thank you for all your work, Daniel and all the buzz team! I do like these no-book lessons you create for us. It's interesting and makes results. It's a pleasure to be here. Best wishes. Ilya."
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"English Buzz is a fantastic source for both self education and lessons with teacher. I like to recieve emails with very usful information - it helps me to do systematic efforts to improve my skills. Thanx everyone who is a part of it!!!"
JayNew Dehli
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"I love learning all the slang and expressions that I never learned in school. I wanted to sound more like American when I speak."
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"Your lessons help me to improve my English and make less mistakes."
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"Should I take more lessons in English Buzz? Yes, it's a no-brainer."
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"SO much feedback on my English at English Buzz. Best things are that the platform is alive with other students. Teachers answer our questions and there are lessons for every level, even advanced English students."
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"Lessons don't take too long to complete. Helping with my vocabulary which is important for me. Thank you to English Buzz team."
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"I'm loving our speaking club. That's great and very interesting to meet with you guys."
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"I'VE BEEN (present perfect continuous!) studying in English Buzz now for two months with teacher Collin from America. I really enjoy all speaking practice. I feel more confident after each speaking lesson about my abilities to communicate with other foreigners."
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"English Buzz is a cool platform with communication between teachers and students and different types of lessons that you receive! I like the quizzes after lessons where I can check myself and ask teacher if I don't understand."
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"Wanna stop translate in your head and think in English? I'm studying on English Buzz for 2.5 months and I feel great about this school. A huge advantage of the English Buzz is native teachers. See ya there, mate!"
JoseEl Salvador
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"I love that I can ask questions and get answers anytime from native English teachers."
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"Amazing experience! English Buzz is awesome with great up to date lessons and I recommend it to everyone who wants to improve their language skills"
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"Wanted to learn slang native speakers use every day. Will surely use this in my exciting journey of English language learning."
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"I was looking for a school where I could get not only a high English level asap but also enjoy the process and my friend recommended me the English Buzz where I found even more: great atmosphere, great teachers, effective training program and the best advices from the native speakers. English doesn't look so difficult for me anymore. I definitely recommend it!"
SergeySaint Petersburg
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"I do IELTS prep with William. Love his British accent. What is more, I feel confident and assured that I will sucessfully pass IELTS exam. I sometimes join the online speaking club. It’s nice to chat with other students and see different teachers. Thank you for the help, William!"
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"Buzz wall lets me ask questions anytime to get answers. I really like this. I hope to use buzz wall all time for asking questions about slang from TV shows that I see. Thank you!"
IrinaSaint Petersburg
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"I enjoy the new lessons each day. It motivates me to keep studying and not stop after two weeks."
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"I don't normally enjoy pronunciation lessons but yours are adorable!"