Lite Plan


$ 72
($24 per month)
  • Billed every 3 months. Individual live lessons are not included with this plan.

170+ self-study lessons

Video lessons from pre-intermediate to advanced (B1-C2) that focus on all aspects of English.

Weekly speaking club

Live speaking club in small groups of 3-4

ask teachers questions 24/7

Ask us questions anytime. We're here to help!

Weekly writing challenges

Get detailed feedback on your writing every week

full teacher support and feedback

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"English Buzz is a cool platform with communication between teachers and students and different types of lessons that you receive! I like the quizzes after lessons where I can check myself and ask teacher if I don't understand."
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"Wanna stop translate in your head and think in English? I'm studying on English Buzz for 2.5 months and I feel great about this school. A huge advantage of the English Buzz is native teachers. See ya there, mate!"
3 Months   $24.00/mo