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Structured curriculum of daily self-paced lessons from levels B1-C2.


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Daily skill based lessons from B1-C2

Our grammar lessons teach you the way English grammar is used in real life. Learn the structures and constructions you need to communicate with English speakers in any situation.

Lessons from B1-C2

Our pronunciation lessons have a practical approach that will help you understand how to shape your mouth, move your tongue, and other important variables so that you can reduce your accent and speak English clearly.

Lessons from B1-C2

Our writing lessons teach you the most common structures, formats, and general guidelines in written English so you can communicate successfully.

Lessons from B1-C2

Our informal English lessons will teach you the most common and up-to-date slang, slang, idioms, jargon, phrasal verbs, and expressions so you sound more fluent and better understand your favorite T.V. shows and music.

Lessons from B1-C2

Our reading lessons include news articles, song lyrics, book excerpts, and other authentic written material which we carefully curate by highlighting the key linguistic features and expressions to help you expand your vocabulary and improve you reading comprehension.

Lessons from B1-C2

Listen to authentic, unrehearsed English conversations focused on teaching you to understand Native English speakers. Our lessons include detailed transcripts highlighting important vocabulary, discourse markers, fillers, and expressions that English speakers use.

Lessons from B1-C2

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To get the most out of the classroom we recommend a minimum English level of B1 or higher. You’re always welcome to test out the classroom and if its not right for you, just send us a message within 14 days after signup and we’ll refund you!

Membership is available as a monthly and 4-monthly subscription. Both subscriptions give you unlimited access to all lessons, courses, live sessions and everything else in the classroom. The monthly subscription renews automatically every month; the 4-month subscription renews automatically every 4 months.

You can cancel your subscription or turn off automatic renewal at any time in your account settings. You’ll retain your access to the classroom until your subscription expires.

Individual lessons are coming soon! Although we don’t currently offer individual lessons, we’re always available to answer all of your questions and our weekly live hangouts are a great way to interact with us and practice your speaking.

If you have any other questions just send us a message using the chat box below! We’re happy to help 🙂